Modular buildings for healthcare

Robust adapted for permanent and temporary solutions

Hospital environments are under heavy strain today.
Choosing a modular solution to, for example, meet undercapacity or to enable the evacuation of existing operations makes it easier to achieve and ensure that care needs can be met, regardless of challenges in the hospital area.

The modular structure is a flexible solution with regard to the needs and functions of buildings, including their format and location. We have solutions for everything from operating theaters and intensive care units to diagnostics.

Example room types:

– Operating theaters (also available as a standard solution)
– Intensive care facilities
– Diagnostics (MR, CT, Radiology, etc.)
– Sterile centers
– Supply module for medical gases
– Bespoke facilities

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Expanding capacity for operations

Modular operating theaters in the event of construction, alterations or renovations.

We have a growing problem now with resistant bacteria within health care, which means heightened cleanliness requirements in buildings.

Our Modular Operating Theater concept is the result of long-term product development which began in 2010 alongside experts in the industry. The aim of the project was to create a better cleanroom environment for both the patient and the theatre staff. With our operating theaters you can ensure capacity, productivity, quality and patient safety during construction, alteration or refurbishment of hospitals.

The units are designed to satisfy the latest standard regarding microbiological cleanliness in the operating room, SIS-TS 39:2015. Each project is unique, so there are also opportunities to expand functions as required.

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Sterile centers in modular form

Modular prefabricated sterile supply departments

Sterile supply departments are subject to the same high standards as sterile technicians. If sterile supply departments are unable to supply sterile items in the right quantities and quality, it can have a serious impact on a hospital’s ability to carry out operations. That’s why our prefabricated sterile supply department solutions are designed and built to achieve a high degree of cleanliness and reliability. Our turnkey facilities solutions for sterile supply departments can cover your permanent and/or temporary needs, whether you’re planning to expand or replace parts or all of your sterile supply department.

Get in touch, and we’ll demonstrate how our solutions for sterile supply departments could be appropriate for you.

Room for diagnostics

Rooms for diagnostics, X-rays, MRI, radiology

X-ray rooms have stringent requirements in terms of dimensions, patient flow and radiation protection. We are used to handling high-tech premises designed for everything from advanced equipment to power supply and radiation protection. Our prefabricated modules create an effective work environment for personnel, and we ensure optimised lighting conditions, location of equipment and sound flow.

We offer our expertise and guide you through the planning of your extension or temporary premises to create the most functional solution.

Medical gases

Modules for the supply of medical gases

Due to the new regulations, MedicSolution has developed a modular solution for gas supply. The regulation, MDR regulation (EU) 2017/745, for the production of medical gases is fulfilled with the module.

The gas module has a self-supporting construction and is designed to be lifted with the installation that is fixed and supplied with the desired gases.

Room for intensive care

Quality-assured intensive care units

Patients being cared for in intensive care wards need advanced monitoring, diagnostics, treatment and nursing. This places huge demands on the premises in terms of cleanliness, patient safety and functionality. Our modular solutions can cope with such stringent demands and offer a flexible solution with regards to need, function and location. You can opt for a freestanding solution, or dock your unit with an existing building, whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent solution.

Break the chains of infection

We solve the challenge with disinfection and washing of beds and mattresses for hospitals

Together with Semi Staal A/S, we have developed a modular concept that can solve the challenge of disinfection and washing of beds and mattresses for hospitals. Semi Staal is a leading supplier in this segment and by combining our competencies, we have developed a solution that that makes it possible for hospitals with limited available space to have access to a turnkey automated solution. An automated system for washing and disinfecting beds and mattresses contributes to breaking the chains of infection in hospitals and give healthcare staff more time to do other things, such as patient care.

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