We ensure that your project is of the highest quality

Customer interaction throughout the workflow


 Save time and costs on-site

Our quality standards are a result of the company’s long presence in high-specification industries, permeating our culture and everything we do.

Through a high degree of technical content and an extensive level of prefabrication, we can provide quality assurance and reliable delivery, thereby minimising the risk of delays and increased costs. Our work is also undertaken in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and FDA requirements, where required. Tried and tested production methods enable us to maintain price, quality and date of delivery.

One factor that ensures high quality is that the modules are built indoors, with the product protected throughout the production time. All equipment is installed prior to delivery, which saves considerable time and costs on site and ensures delivery and commissioning for end consumers. Completed modules are subsequently delivered, assembled and commissioned effectively by our partner. There are minimal disturbances on-site, limited transport, and operations start up without delay. Our objective is to undertake at least 95 percent of the work in the factory. Maintaining effective processes on site means working more safely.

After production is complete at the production plant in Emtunga, it takes about three to five days to assemble the modules on-site, followed by installation, which takes about four to five weeks depending on the scope of the project. On average, our delivery takes about 18 weeks from start of production to final inspection.

Reduce delivery time by up to 50% compared with on-site projects

Prefabricating turnkey structures in modular form substantially cuts the time it takes to complete the project. Prefabrication means that foundation work can be done on site in parallel with the off-site production of the modules in plant. This can cut the time it takes by up to 50%* compared with on-site projects. Therefore we want to contribute with our expertise from early project planning stages onwards.

Once manufacturing at the production plant in Emtunga is complete, it takes roughly three to five days to assemble the modules on site, followed by installation, which can take four to five weeks depending on the scope of the project. Our delivery takes an average of around 18 weeks from start of production to final inspection.

*This is based on our many years of experience, but is also confirmed in several studies, including the study Modular construction: From projects to products, by McKinsey & Company. Read the McKinsey study here

A shorter delivery time means:

– More time is freed up for potential subsequent project stages
– New facilities enable the organisation to start generating income quicker (ROI)
– Faster access to new capacity
– a shorter construction time on-site, which means reduced disturbance to the surroundings
– Sensitive existing operations face minimal disruption

With our solutions you get

A flexible solution for both permanent and temporary facilities.
Short delivery time compared to site-built. Up to 50 % reduction of delivery time, which enables faster access to capacity.
Minimal disturbance on-site – Sensitive existing operations experience minimal disruption due to a short time at the construction site (roughly five weeks).
Opportunity to rent or buy depending on your needs; for example a temporary or permanent solution.

Sustainable solutions – Our prefabricated modules can be relocated, reused, renovated and adapted.
Industrial premium – Products designed to last. Robust steel construction that facilitates a high degree of prefabrication, an effective work environment, heavy process equipment and heavy lifting. Manufactured in a safe indoor environment in Sweden.
Full control throughout your project. 95% of the construction work takes place in a production facility, which results in a ‘plug & play’ solution. This helps minimise risk in terms of schedule and budget.

A sustainable way of working for sustainable products

Code of conduct

Our way of working are regulated by clear policies that are effectively implemented in our day-to-day activities. These cover areas including the environment, quality, work environment and a number of key policies that contribute to a safe and inviting work environment. We work systematically with matters such as including a gender equality and equal treatment plan, staff policy and stress policy. This creates a work environment that enables deadlines to be kept and reduces the risk of errors. Naturally, our code of conduct is integral, particularly as our operations span right across the globe. We believe in collaboration underpinned by transparency and openness in business processes at every level, all the way from start to finish.

To minimize our environmental impact

At MedicSolution, we are strongly committed to environmental issues and work day-to-day towards minimising our environmental impact and developing new, sustainable working methods.

We work closely with Swedish Modules KeyPlants factory, who works in accordance to ISO 14001. By keeping close track of material consumption they can minimize waste. We always work in accordance with our environmental management system.

Södersjukhuset - Swedish Modules

A safe, sound work environment

Working on a building site is one of the world’s most hazardous occupations. This is why maintaining a safe, sound work environment has been identified as a key strategic area for us.

We are proud to have a collaboration with the Swedish Modules KeyPlants factory. We know that they significantly reduce the risks by having a systematic work environment management and that they put a lot of effort into constantly developing their safety thinking. For example, one tangible factor that reduces risk is that their employees always carry a throwing line if they work high up.

At MedicSolution, we are fully committed to maintaining a democratic workplace in which every employee is equal, whatever their role.This creates a safe and secure workplace for us, and a high-quality product for you.

Swedish quality – Reliable delivery


Swedish production


More than 40 years’ experience in prefabricated modular solutions.


We have delivered to over 30 countries.


HSE (Severe events)

Ensure quality and delivery time

We ensure quality and delivery time. A quality factor is that the modules are built indoors where the product is protected during the production period.
All equipment is installed prior to delivery, which saves considerable time and costs on site and thereby minimizes risks of delays and cost increases. Our modules in steel provide durable constructions and flexibility so that the facility can be expanded or dismantled and reused. All modules are manufactured in a safe working environment in Swedish Modules KeyPlants production plant in Emtunga, Sweden.

Customizable and standardized solutions

We always prioritize understanding what it is like to be our customer. Our sales and our process must be customer-oriented and always based on the customer’s needs and operations.

To be able to offer both a cost- and production-efficient process with the highest quality, we develop our own product on a standardized platform. In this way, we can offer you our experience and expertise packaged with quality and refined along the development process.

Based on the standardized platform, we adapt the design in every detail according to your needs and wishes.

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