Board of Directors

Svante Andersson

Chairman of the Board
Elected to Board: 2009
Year of birth: 1967

Qualifications and Professional experience
Contractor, Co-founded MedicSolution Nordic AB (former Swedish Modules AB)
Other significant positions: Owner of Stenhaga Invest AB
Owner through company/independent: Principal owner via Stenhaga Invest AB

Svante Andersson

Kjell-Ove Gunnarsson

Elected to Board: 2017
Year of birth: 1959

Qualifications and Professional experience
Associate and one of the driving forces at Gunnars Tråd since 1983
Other significant positions: CEO at GT Wire Group
Owner through company/independent: Associate through GT Wire

Kjell-Ove Gunnarsson

Joachim Stomberg

Elected to Board: 2021
Year of birth: 1969

Qualifications and Professional experience
Co-founded MedicSolution Nordic AB (former Swedish Modules AB)
Production Manager – Swedish Modules, Architechtural Supervisor – Pharmadule, Project Site Manager – Pharmadule, Installation Manager – Pharmadule


Svante Andersson

Title: Acting CEO

Kenneth Helgesson

Title: Head of T&D and Project
Member of group management: 2021
Year of birth: 1972

Previous positions
Manager Project & Owner – Premo Security, Manager Project – NVS Installation AB/Premo Security, Project Manager – Kidde Sweden AB, Projekt Manager – Coromatic, Project Manager – Swedish Modules AB

Jörgen Stenqvist

Title: Sales Manager
Member of group management: 2019
Year of birth: 1975

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, KTH

Previous positions
Continuous Improvement Engineer – Kraft Foods, Nordic Copacking Coordintor – Kraft Foods, Field Engineer – Hilti, Project Coordinator NKS Hospital – Hilti, Senior Project Manager Hospitals – Hilti