Ultra-mobile buildings for civil preparedness

Flexibly adapted to be delivered in a maximum of 24 hours when and where the need arises

Secure civil preparedness within healthcare
MAX24 is a robust, flexible and reliable ultra-mobile modular platform, manufactured and stocked in Sweden. It is delivered when and where the need arises and can be transported by truck as well as by boat, train and plane, and the MAX24 can be put into operation by one person. Simple logistics and short lead times are crucial when society is affected by serious events.

Upon commissioning, the MAX24 expands into a fully equipped care unit that meets all the requirements to provide civilian care without compromise. MAX24 is currently available in an operating theater version and is equipped so that it is ready for operation upon delivery and is completely self-sufficient.

A functioning civil healthcare capacity is a crucial guarantee for a resilient society.

Examples of care functions (today):

– Operating theatres

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