Relocation from Södersjukhuset to Löwenströmska Hospital


Reuse of eight surgical modules – relocation from Södersjukhuset to Löwenströmska Hospital

The eight surgical modules were produced back in 2015 and were initially leased to Lasarettet in Karlskoga. After that, the modules were purchased by Locum and relocated to Södersjukhuset in Stockholm where they have been for five years. When Locum acquired the modules in the summer of 2018, they were mounted on a substructure to connect to the second floor at Södersjukhuset. Extensive renovations and expansions were carried out at the hospital during the late 2010s, necessitating the evacuation of the surgical operations at the Day Surgery Center (Dagkirurgiskt Centrum DKC).

When Locum identified the need for evacuation facilities at Löwenströmska Hospital, MedicSolution was once again tasked with relocating the modules, which are now in place.

Because of new regulations regarding medical gases and the conditions at the hospital, MedicSolution also provided a container solution to ensure robust delivery of medical gases to the facility.

Module production start in Emtunga: October 2015
First operation in Karlskoga: December 2015
Relocation from Karlskoga to Södersjukhuset: Summer 2018
First operation at Södersjukhuset: Autumn 2018
Relocation to Löwenströmska Hospital: September 2023
First operation at Löwenströmska Hospital: November 2023
Medical gas installation start: January 2024
Medical gas container installation commissioning: March 2024

Manufacturing time for medical gas container: 4-5 weeks

“The purpose of the new location at Löwenströmska is to enable our tenant to conduct their surgical operations as usual while we work on the regular premises,”
says Hans-Göran Tranberg, project manager at Locum, with Löwenströmska Hospital among his workplaces.

Link to Locum’s reference text.


MedicSolution has helped Locum efficiently and seamlessly reuse its surgical modules. The relocation enabled operations at Löwenströmska Hospital to continue without disruptions while renovations were carried out in existing premises. With the relocation of the modular operating rooms, Löwenströmska Hospital gained temporary operating facilities of very high quality.

As part of the project, MedicSolution also delivered a gas container to supply breathing air and oxygen to the surgical modules. The background is the new regulation, MDR regulation (EU) 2017/745, to produce medical gases, which can now be met.

Modular buildings of this quality enable flexible and resource-efficient use of the premises over their lifespan. They also help reduce the total cost and shorten the schedule for renovating existing premises. The alternatives to evacuation to temporary surgical modules are often long, difficult, and costly, with challenging consequences for ongoing operations that risk disruption during the renovation period.

With a temporary modular building, there is also the opportunity for training on the MT equipment that will later be used in the renovated premises.

Furthermore, if there is a future need for increased capacity at the hospital, the evacuation facilities could become permanent as they are built with the same lifespan requirements as a permanent building.



3 complete operating rooms for surgery, orthopedics, and implant surgery.
Total of 8 modules; 3 operating rooms, 3 preparation rooms, and one passage.
Technical room on the second floor with all supplies – ventilation, cooling/heating for the operating rooms.
Total area of 460 sqm on two floors. Ground floor active area 240 sqm. 

Dimensions (modules)

L 13,350 mm
W 4,450 mm
H 4,100 mm

Steel weight approx. 10 tons
Weight including interior approx. 27 tons

Two larger rooms of 50 sqm each and one room of 30 sqm.

Construction and technology

8 modules assembled on two floors. Operational areas on the ground floor and technical areas on the second floor.
Sound-absorbing hygiene panels for a good working environment.
No 90-degree corners, vessels for cleaning.
No organic materials or equipment.
Lead-lined walls, swing doors, and pass-through cabinets.
Ventilation built according to the dilution principle.
28 air inlets/room with Hepa filters.
Interlocking system between corridor and preparation room and into the OR room.
Positive pressure in OR room approx. 20-24 Pa.

Gas Container

20-foot container for supplying breathing oxygen and breathing air to the surgical modules at Löwenströmska Hospital.

Dimensions (gas container)

L 6,058 mm
W 2,438 mm
H 2,591 mm

Construction and technology

The gas container has a self-supporting structure and is designed to be lifted with the fixed installation.

Wall and ceiling: Sandwich panel 100 mm EI60 fire classification.