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Turnkey operating theaters Hudiksvall

Six operating theaters with associated set-up, passage rooms and media supply were delivered in 2022 to Hudiksvall Hospital as a modular building to enable a renovation of the existing operating department. The modular building is used to evacuate the surgery department during the renovation period and is rented by Region Gävleborg.

The modular building is adapted to be easily moved as two, four or six operating theatres. At the end of the rental period, the modules will be moved on to another hospital. And since they are constructed for permanent use they can effectively offer extra permanent capacity to a growing business.

Operations are performed in rented modules at Hudiksvall Hospital – link to SVT (in Swedish)

Hudiksvall’s hospital gets temporary operating theaters – link to SVT (in Swedish)

SPECIFICATION: The ventilation of the operating theaters is adapted to the toughest requirements for infection-sensitive surgery according to SIS-TS39:2015. Each operating theater is equipped with 1 surgical pendant, 1 anesthetic pendant, 2 operating lights, 2 monitor arms for 32 inch monitors, evidence-based sound and ergonomic light from Chromaviso, LAF ceiling, suture cabinet and pass-through cabinet.

In addition to the operating theatres, there are set-up and passage rooms for optimized patient, staff and sterile goods flows. Further adaptations or wishes regarding equipment or layout – for dialogue. The modules are built from a sustainability perspective and are therefore moveable and possible to adapt for new future needs.

This building has been constructed and adapted according to Swedish regulations and municipal requirements from Malmö to Kiruna regarding, for example, energy and snow loads. At the same time, it is designed to be easily moved. The building in Hudiksvall is the product of development work with leading suppliers and consultants in each discipline, and to this we have built in our own experience from having delivered modular clean rooms and operating theaters for several decades. We see great potential for this product in the Nordic region, but also abroad.”
Jörgen Stenqvist, Sales Manager, MedicSolution

Year of completion


Form of contract

Turnkey contract, ABT06


Prefabricated building for operations. The building and its steel frame are dimensioned based on snow zone 3.5 and thus possible to easily move and use throughout Sweden.
A total of 18 modules on two floors. 1st floor is the operational floor and the 2nd floor is the technology floor that supplies the 1st floor with necessary media.
Total area / footprint approx. 549 square meters.

Fire safety

Exterior walls and windows comply with EI60.
Own sprinkler system with own central.
Own fire alarm system with own central.

Media supply

Ventilation, cooling, network, UPS

Floorplan and modularity

Operating theaters approx. 50 sqm each. Set-up and passage rooms approx.19 sqm.
Modular building with the possibility of being quickly moved to a new location as two, four or six operating theatres.


See separate specification text or contact us for further information