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When and where the need exists

MedicSolution develops and builds prefabricated modular buildings for healthcare and research. These buildings contribute to solving both permanent and temporary challenges in hospitals, as well as ensuring civil preparedness by securing society’s care capacity in the event of a crisis – when and where the need exists.

Resource-efficient modular care facilities

Reuse and recycling are crucial to meeting today’s and future’s care needs. With prefabricated modules, you can time-efficiently build a quality care environment and easily move the buildings when the need is greater in another location.

X-ray building in Funäsdalen

For a sustainable use of society’s health and resources, care facilities and buildings must be designed and built in a way that meets varying demand for care over time. The X-ray building in Funäsdalen is a brilliant example where a need arose, and the solution was a prefabricated module from MedicSolution.

Operating theater for Hudiksvalls Hospital

Fully equipped temporary operation rooms for Hudiksvalls Hospital to be used while the hospital is being renovated. The new rooms are more accessible and modern, with better ventilation and a better workarea for the staff.

Hear Jan Lahenkorva – Chairman, Healthcare Committee, Gävleborg Region talk about the premises and get a glimpse from inside the new operating rooms.

Evacuation solution for Södersjukhuset in Stockholm

Delivery of operating theaters to Södersjukhuset to be used while the hospital is being renovated. One of the challenges for the county council during the renovation was to ensure that the waiting times for care were not extended during the period. Our short delivery time and high-quality premises became the solution for the hospital.

Operating Theater for Karlskoga Hospital

Production and delivery of three fully equipped operating theaters to Karlskoga Hospital.

In 2015, Karlskoga Hospital needed to renovate its premises, which were built in 1972 and could no longer guarantee patient safety. Poor CFU values ​​and obsolete premises were the start of the renovation of the hospital. The requirements from the management were to maintain capacity during the two years that the renovation was in progress. Our solution ensured that the hospital had access to patient-safe premises during the renovation and could even increase its capacity.