HSB living lab at Chalmers university of technology, Gothenburg


To construct, produce and assemble a five-storey building adapted for innovative housing and research. The dwelling units are designed by Tengbom Arkitekter and are built adjacent to Johanneberg Science Park at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

HSB Living Lab under production. Move-in June 2016.

Article: “You start to feel a little like a lab rat”… one student’s take on moving into a new experimental housing unit.


Tengbom Arkitekter, Gothenburg


The project comprises 44 modules in total, including a staircase and lift shaft along with 27 completely equipped apartments including measuring stations for research. Common areas, laundry room.

Frame and construction

Welded steel construction. Weight: 214 tons.

Dimensions (module size)

Size: 13.35 m
Weight of the modules: 20 tons including furnishings

Built-in technology

Article: Regarding smart heating with recirculation water, Ny Teknik 160202

Background for the project

HSB Living Lab is a research arena for developing new ways to build and shape the housing of the future. The building was designed by Tengbom architectural firm and is a unique project whereby completely new technologies and architectural innovations will be tested over a period of 10 years. Afterwards, the property will be able to be disassembled and moved to another place for continued research.
The project is run by HSB together with 12 additional collaboration partners.

We are obviously proud to be collaborating with HSB and Chalmers on such an important issue as the construction technology of the future and our working and living environments

Sven Lans, Sight Manager, Swedish Modules