X-ray building for Funäsdalen Health Center


New x-ray building, autumn 2022

X-rays have been performed at Funäsdalen Health Center for many years, providing integrated care for residents and tourists in nearby villages and ski resorts. The old x-ray premises had become too small, which meant poor accessibility to x-ray equipment and difficulties in admitting bedridden patients. The x-ray equipment was also old and needed to be replaced. So, in 2022 the region embarked on a procurement process in the form of a turnkey contract for new larger premises with x-ray equipment.

It’s great that we were quickly able to obtain new modern and functional x-ray premises, so we no longer have to rely on transport to other departments. We want to be able to diagnose our patients here on site.
Tord Olofsson, X-ray technician at Region Jämtland Härjedalen.

Funäsdalen Health Center gets X-ray building – link to TV clip (in Swedish)

The challenge: New x-ray equipment and building before the skiing season.

Starting point

• Old, tired premises
• Insufficient space for managing patients and patient beds
• Old x-ray equipment
• Work environment challenges


• Link to existing building via corridor
• 2-mm lead in walls for radiation protection
• Completion before the 2022 skiing season
• Maintaining care in the area
• A better working environment
• Ready to be moved and repurposed for new Health Center

It would be very convenient for us to have dialogue with just one party, which is why we chose the turnkey contract route. We therefore only needed to embark on one procurement process and we at the municipality don’t need to act as an intermediary between different suppliers. This reduces the risk of misunderstandings and saves time. The collaboration with MedicSolution, who were responsible for the turnkey contract, worked really well.

Tord Olofsson, X-ray technician at Region Jämtland Härjedalen

The solution:

Procurement of a turnkey contractor to simplify and streamline project implementation.

Premises and equipment were procured from MedicSolution based on the region’s requirements.

The solution

• Two stories with a total gross floor area of 52 square meters
• Operation-specific premises that overcome operational challenges for at least five years with the option of moving the building to a new Health Center
• Rooms with more space for patients and staff
• Control room with space for staff and equipment
• New skeletal x-ray equipment
• Patient lift
• Delivered according to schedule set for MedicSolution
• Link to existing building via corridor

Customer value

• New, modern and functional premises
• Improved accessibility to the equipment
• Better working environment and improved staff wellbeing
• Short delivery time, total of 17 weeks including planning
• Minimal disturbance to surrounding operations during the construction period.
• Four-week construction period on site, of which three weeks for installation, testing and training on the x-ray equipment
• Simplified co-ordination of the project for the client thanks to the form of contract and demarcation for the purchase of medical equipment.

The result

Modern, functional premises with good accessibility. “The region’s best lab”

The difference between prefabricated and on-site construction is the construction technology and construction time, not functionality or requirements. The same regulations apply to prefabricated construction as for on-site construction. Prefabricated structures are built in a factory and have significantly shorter construction times. This is a big advantage when the schedule is tight and the construction site must not disturb ongoing operations.

The new premises in Funäsdalen Health Center are modern and spacious with adequate space for managing patients and contribute to a good working environment for staff. The x-ray equipment means that is will now be possible to maintain and provide even better care for visiting tourists and residents in the area. The most common injuries that are treated and diagnosed are fractures and pulmonary complaints.

Funäsdalen has got the region’s best skeletal x-ray lab
Tord Olofsson, X-ray technician at Region Jämtland Härjedalen

Year of construction


Contract form

Turnkey contract, ABT06 [General Conditions of Contract]


Prefabricated building for x-ray operations with 2-mm lead in walls for adequate radiation protection. Low-pitched roof. The building and frame are dimensioned based on snow zone 3.5, and deflection and attachment requirements for x-ray equipment.

Two modules on one floor

Total gross floor area 52 square meters

Fire safety

Exterior wall against existing building satisfies EI60.

Technology and ventilation

Ventilation to manage the indoor climate. Water and electricity from existing building.

Delivery time

The project was completed in summer/autumn 2022. Total implementation time of 17 weeks, including planning.

Four weeks of this consisted of work on the construction site including assembly, testing and training for the x-ray equipment.

The final inspection was performed according to the client’s desired schedule in week 47.

The process from tender to completed building was incredibly successful and the result of a well worked-out set of requirements from the region, and because the project was procured as a turnkey contract where we as the contractor were responsible for delivering and coordinating the x-ray equipment. The project inspired good co-operation between us, the client and the selected suppliers. We see great potential for reproducing this building elsewhere for other health centers and hospitals.
Jörgen Stenqvist, Sales Manager, MedicSolution