Cleanroom for antibiotic preparation in Uppsala

Project support and decision guidance documentation for Apoteket, autumn 2020

PApoteket manufactures antibiotics at the National Unit in Uppsala. The existing facility is not optimal for current production, so a process was initiated to find a replacement solution for the current cleanroom for sterile extemporaneous production.

The specifications for the cleanroom are demanding, both for the processing spaces and the entrance areas and equipment. MedicSolution was commissioned to lead the preparation of decision guidance documentation and building permit documents.

“We had a tight schedule to produce documentation for negotiations with the landlord. The fact that MedicSolution could produce decision guidance documentation and liaise directly with the property owner about requirements was an advantage.”

Åsa Åberg, Operating Manager at Apoteket, client and requirement setter for the premises


The challenge

To achieve a layout without intersecting flows on a relatively small surface

Starting point

  • Facility not optimised for current operations
  • Tight schedule for documentation for negotiations with prospective landlord
  • No expertise within the business to lead an investigative process for a new facility
  • Limited availability of expertise in cleanroom construction


  • A better working environment
  • Cleanroom construction expertise
  • Take account of requirements specific to the business
  • Produce decision guidance documentation, including layout and indication of price for a modular solution

“I think modular construction offers an advantage. A major benefit is that the facility can be built off-site, without affecting ongoing operations. I would recommend that anyone else considering building a cleanroom contact MedicSolution.”

The solution

  • Expert group from MedicSolution in close cooperation with an internal project group at Apoteket
  • Technical drawings of a solution that met the high cleanroom and goods flow specifications in a relatively small area
  • Decision guidance documentation, including layout and an indication of price for a solution that Apoteket could take forward in negotiations with the prospective landlord

Customer value

  • Access to combined expertise in cleanroom and modular construction
  • Ensuring nothing is missed in the early design stages
  • A resource that handles complicated issues with property owners
  • An indication of price and packaged documentation early on in the project

The result

Decision guidance documentation for a high-specification cleanroom facility.

Effective decision guidance documentation, with an indication of price and the assurance of a cost structure that can be used for future building permit applications and procurement of construction contracts.

Involvement and time set aside by the business group throughout the process, combined with the expertise of MedicSolution, contributed to an efficient work process.

“We’re very pleased about our cooperation with MedicSolution. As representatives for the business, we don’t have the experience needed to lead an effective investigative process into building a new facility. It’s better to use experts who have experience of similar projects and are familiar with what this type of facility requires.”

Åsa Åberg, Operating Manager at Apoteket, client and requirement setter for the premises

The project in brief

– Modular two-storey building of 388 m2
– Facade solution that blends with the existing building
– Fan and technical room for supplying the operating areas on level 1
– Class B cleanroom (GMP EU classification), including entrance areas
– Modular wall system for cleanroom areas

– Staff areas, including changing rooms
– Loading bay and areas for packing and unloading
– The building can be reused and relocated
– High degree of prefabrication