Press | 11 Dec 2015

Unique Technology in Operating Module

Karlskoga Hospital is installing a unique ventilation technology and new operating theatres, the same standard that is installed at New Karolinska Solna University Hospital.

The temporary operating theatres are now being deployed at Karlskoga Hospital. The operating theatres will be among the first units in Sweden that have a ventilation system installed that is entirely based on the so-called principle of dilution.

When Karlskoga Hospital needed to renovate their operating department, Region Örebro County decided that they would be the first in Sweden to rent modularly constructed and movable operating theatres during the two-year renovation phase.

The modular operating theatres, which are now ready for use, provide us with a glimpse of the operating environment of the future. In this unique project, Swedish Modules chose to install a completely new ventilation technology according to the so-called principle of dilution. The technology is based on research from 2008.

The result of the research around the principle of dilution is based on the fact that it should be equally clean in the entire operating theatre compared to the dominant approach of today, which is based on a contamination-free zone around the patient using laminar airflow. The principle of dilution is made possible by a large number of super sensitive air filters with exhaust ducts in each corner of the room. In addition to the patient not being cooled down, this method also creates an even larger contamination-free area for operating equipment, while at the same time the air becomes cleaner. New Karolinska Solna University Hospital will also be utilizing the principle of dilution in its surgical units.

Our years of experience in clean room technology enables us to actively contribute to the development and utilise the latest technologies when we design and build operating theatres. The fact that we also delivered a new, highly technical product according to plan within a tight time frame is, of course, a satisfying confirmation of our employees’ skills.

The first operation is planned for 14 December.

Modular operating theatre facts

The modular operating department consists of three operating theatres spread over 7 rooms.

Three operating theatres (of which the two largest are 50 m2 each), three preparation rooms and one equipment room

The total area is 460 m2 over two storeys (the ground floor has 240 m2)

  • 28 air intake devices in each operating theatre with HEPA filters
  • Workspace lighting at 2,000 lux.

The rooms will be used for surgery, orthopaedics and implant surgery.


Week 35 – First module (steel construction) arrives in our factory in Emtunga
Week 44 – Completed modules moved from Emtunga to Karlskoga
Week 49 – Validation of ventilation and final inspection
Week 50 – Move-in
Week 51 – Operations begin