HSB Living LAB

Press | 15 Sep 2015

Swedish Modules produces HSB Living Lab

Swedish Modules’ system provides an efficient construction process.

Planning and constructing a building like the HSB Living Lab requires a close collaboration between the architect and constructor whereby multiple parameters control the project’s design from the moment it lands on the drawing board. HSB Living Lab is designed by Tengbom Arkitekter, and Swedish Modules’ designer Jonas Palm (Thyréns) was responsible for planning and construction.

With modular production, there are factors we cannot influence, such as the module’s maximum size, which is also limited by the possibility that they will be shipped on public roads as well as the fact that the architect needs to take into account that our modules always need to have a pillar in every corner of the building. Furthermore, unique requirements are placed on the loads since the modules are subject to stress when being lifted on site and during transportation.

The advantages of constructing using steel modules include the fact that the system solutions make the construction process efficient and fast. Steel itself is a stable material and you can construct upward for a limited area – in this case, five storeys. The construction as such allows for long spans, which provide free space inside the building without necessitating columns.

Turnkey ready for assembly on site

If possible, the production of modules are completed 100% at Swedish Modules’ site in Emtunga, which ensures the quality of the accommodation and office environments that are not subject to external influences. When the modules are finally assembled together at Johanneberg in Gothenburg, they are bolted together. Façades, glass partitions, staircases, etc. are then added on site.

Years of experience in qualified modules for real estate and industry

Swedish Modules in Emtunga has a strong history of delivering modules with high technological and quality requirements. The concept has existed in Emtunga since the mid-1970s. Projects that have been delivered include housing modules for the offshore industry, pharmaceutical plants for the clinical industry, technology modules for wind farms and full-scale data centres. In the fall of 2015, three operating theatres were manufactured for Karlskoga Hospital for delivery in December.

Spectacular transportation to the site

Shipping the modules to HSB Living Labs’ construction site adjacent to Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg was a project in itself.

The transportation is being carried out on low-load trailers measuring 13.35 meters in length that were specially built for this purpose. The modules are being shipped by caravan with three trailers, each carrying one unit at a time.

Facts regarding the HSB Living LAB construction

Weight of the steel construction: 214 tons (quite normal for a building like this).
Weight of the modules: approx. 20 tons furnished. Of this, approx. 4-5 tons are steel.
Length of the modules: 13.35 m
Number of modules in the HSB Living Lab building: 44

About Swedish Modules

Swedish Modules AB supplies modular construction to a number of different segments, including Offshore, Energy & IT, Real Estate and clinical environments. The business is located in Emtunga, Sweden, and has 40 employees. Swedish Modules is a partially owned subsidiary of Stenhaga Invest AB. www.swedishmodules.com