Press | 20 Dec 2018

Swedish Modules has agreed a strategic partnership with Advanced Hospital Solutions in the United Kingdom

Thanks to the success of our modular operating theatre solutions, we have now secured a clear pathway into the British market through collaboration with Advanced Hospital Solutions (AHS).

2018 was a groundbreaking year for Swedish Modules’ modular concepts for hospitals, underlined by the sale of three operating theatres to Södersjukhuset Hospital in Stockholm and the recently won contract for the delivery of six operating theatres to Hudiksvall Hospital.

There’s no doubt that our modular concepts solve problems for Swedish hospitals today. We can see there is a great need for our hospital solutions, both as a permanent fix for under-capacity and a temporary solution during refurbishment of existing premises. Moving into new markets is a logical step for us, as the structural challenges of healthcare are a recurring theme even beyond Sweden’s borders. We’ve come to know AHS as an organisation of accomplished professionals with considerable experience of major projects within British healthcare. Harnessing AHS’ expertise and network  market will enable us to establish our brand and be extremely competitive moving forward.

AHS has unrivalled knowledge and a heritage of operating theatre and critical care area design, build and equipping, with specific expertise in delivering complex turnkey, hybrid ORs, new-build construction, multi-theatre refurbishment and single-product or minor operating theatre upgrades.

As such we are delighted to be partnering with Swedish Modules and add their state of the art, compliant and fully equipped modular solution to our portfolio. Whether a Hospital has capacity, winter pressure or challenges as a result of theatre refurbishment, utilising a modular unit reduces the project timescale, maintains patient flow, utilises existing resources and ensures continuity of revenue whilst all of the above offsets deployment costs.

Arrangements were finalised in December 2018 and the partnership grants AHS exclusive rights to the sale of our modular operating theatre solutions throughout the United Kingdom.

For more information, please contact
Måns Belfrage
+46 (0)701 629 123

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