Press | 8 Mar 2016

Enclosure for Inresol

Inresol AB has chosen Swedish Modules as its partner for developing unique combined power and heating enclosures.

Swedish Modules has concluded an important agreement with the Gävle-based business Inresol AB, which designs and develops renewable energy systems. The agreement applies to the manufacture of a modular enclosure for Inresol’s unique and established Genious™ ‘V2-6’ Stirling engines. This way, the Stirling technique can be used for combined power and heating. The enclosure is a step toward finding an effective and comprehensive solution that can increase the application of the unique Stirling technique in the field of energy supply.

The order is highly technical and, in addition to the modular enclosure of the Stirling engines, it includes a newly developed fuel supply system. The first container houses 16 engines.

We are exceptionally proud of the assignment and of being able to be involved in the development of a new product for the global market together with Inresol. Inresol’s goal is for this to eventually be able to be manufactured in series.