News | 9 Sep 2022

Project support provided Apoteket

MedicSolution was contacted by Apoteket for advice in connection with the initiation of a process to find a replacement solution for the current cleanroom for sterile extemporaneous manufacturing. The mission was to lead the preparation of decision guidance documentation and building permit documents.

The schedule was tight to produce documentation for negotiations with the landlord, and it was a big challenge to achieve a layout without intersecting flows on a relatively small surface. The premises are highly demanding and the expertise to lead the investigative process was lacking within the business.

– It is very rewarding to be trusted to lead the work of producing decision guidance so early in the process. In this case, our experience and expertise were able to contribute to the completion of the necessary decision guidance documents in a few weeks. We see a growing interest from our clients to seek help from us in the early planning stages. It helps them to reduce consulting costs and minimize errors during the construction phase, but also to ensure an accurate project budget and a good end result, says Jörgen Stenqvist, Sales Manager, MedicSolution.

For more information, please contact
Jörgen Stenqvist, Sales Manager
+46 (0)76 138 13 43

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