News | 5 Jan 2022

Increased focus on breaking the chains of infection during 2022

In 2022, we will intensify the cooperation on our modular concept for washing and disinfection of patient beds and mattresses to help healthcare in its work to break the chains of infection, both in our domestic market in Sweden and in the Nordic and German markets.

In spring of 2021, we launched the concept together with Semi-Staal A / S, and during the autumn we have been able to evaluate and learn from the past six months, the challenges and opportunities that exist in the various markets. Our modular solution is perfectly suited for cases where you want to quickly expand your existing capacity and / or if you lack of available space in existing properties to install an automated solution.

At the beginning of the autumn of 2021, a study visit was made to an existing installation at Sønderjylland Hospital in Denmark together with Semi-Staal’s partner in Germany, HY.genic SO.lution, to better understand the equipment and the possibilities that the concept opens up. And at the beginning of December, a visit was made to the production facility in Emtunga to see how we build and think modularly.

We all agree that we have a unique solution that gives healthcare an opportunity to wash and disinfect beds and mattresses in a valid way, something that is not possible today in most of our hospitals where this is done manually and thus poses a great challenge and increased risk of spreading infection.

Read more about the concept here

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