News | 20 Jan 2022

Final phase in the production of operating theaters for Hudiksvall hospital

The operating modules that will secure the operating activities when the hospital’s operating department is evacuated for rebuilding, run according to plan in the production plant in Emtunga. Installations are currently underway in all disciplines and in the coming weeks everything will be tested before the transport to Hudiksvall. Representatives from the operations in Hudiksvall have also visited the production plant and been able to follow the construction there.

The project is permeated by collaboration through all areas, which has been a success factor in the ongoing pandemic that has hit hard on the manufacture and delivery of products worldwide.

– During the autumn, we have faced many challenges, especially deliveries, but everyone involved in the project has worked hard to find the best solutions to the problems. It’s wonderful to experience and to be able to deliver the project according to plan, says Kenneth Helgesson, Head of T&D and Project at MedicSolution Nordic.

We are entering the final phase of the project in the production plant and aim to put the buildings at Hudiksvall Hospital starting in week 8. We also take the opportunity to document and film the entire process, to highlight the possibilities that prefabrication of turnkey buildings in modular form means for the healthcare business.

If you would like to visit the factory and learn more, please contact us
Jörgen Stenqvist, Sales Manager
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