News | 4 Dec 2023

Appoints Jens Sjödahl as New CEO

He takes over from Svante Andersson, who will continue to be the main owner and chairman of the board. With this recruitment, MedicSolution aims to intensify its global expansion and increase industry awareness regarding the significant advantages of modular construction techniques in healthcare and research.

In Sweden, MedicSolution has numerous examples of how modular prefabricated buildings address capacity shortages and evacuation challenges for hospitals during renovations or temporary space constraints. Construction time and the potential for reuse are two of the strongest arguments. However, even for permanent structures, modular solutions offer many advantages over on-site construction. MedicSolution has productized its offer with primarily standardized products. The new CEO, Jens Sjödahl, along with the MedicSolution team, intends to demonstrate this to the Nordic market and ultimately create global growth.

“MedicSolution constructs modules that meet the same quality standards as on-site healthcare and research facilities. The difference is that we do it much faster. This, combined with their easy relocation, enabling reuse and more efficient utilization, makes me enthusiastic to take on the role of CEO for MedicSolution. I look forward to continuing to expand MedicSolution in the Nordic market and, in the near future, worldwide,” said Jens Sjödahl, the new CEO of MedicSolution.

“During my twenty years in the Life Science sector, I have witnessed significant changes in the need for capacity and functionality, and I believe we have only just begun. That’s why I’m very excited to be part of a company that offers solutions that support the challenges of the future,” Jens Sjödahl continued.

MedicSolution is entering a growth phase where the company will expand both organizationally and geographically while increasing its turnover. With this vision of the future, the company sees a need for a CEO with experience in similar companies and challenges. Jens Sjödahl is seen as a perfect fit by Svante Andersson, the former CEO and current chairman.

“I have served as both CEO and chairman of MedicSolution until now. It worked to a certain extent. However, as the company is now set to expand further, we need a different daily leader. I have great confidence in Jens, and I look forward to seeing how he, together with the rest of the MedicSolution team, takes the company to new heights,” said Svante Andersson, Chairman of MedicSolution.

Jens most recently came from the MedTech company SHL Healthcare and has previously held international roles, including those related to modular hospital construction.