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Press | 4 Feb 2016

HSB Living Lab Heads Down to Chalmers

Delivery of the HSB Living Lab to Chalmers;
 Forty-Four Modules Heading Down to Gothenburg from Emtunga in Vara.

On Sunday, February 7, the first modules will leave the factory in Emtunga to be transported down to Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology via the E20. Assembly of the building will start Monday morning, February 8. Swedish Modules is responsible for the on-site assembly and the building will be finished within a few weeks when researches will start moving in.

“As an arena, HSB Living Lab is a big and important step in the development of the sustainable housing of the future,” says Emma Sarin, Project Manager for HSB Living Lab. “Building the house in modules, which can then be disassembled and moved, is one part of the research that will be evaluated for housing solutions of the future. The proximity to Chalmers’ campus offers a natural integration of the researchers,” she adds.

We are obviously proud to be collaborating with HSB and Chalmers on such an important issue as the construction technology of the future and our working and living environments. The project helps us to be at the forefront as a specialist and supplier of modular units where there is a demand for highly technological componentry.

“The installation and completion has a tight deadline and everything needs to follow a precise schedule. We have two weeks subject to the weather and wind, and the construction area is very limited. After that, our team will finalise the interior and Chalmers will secure its parts with regard to installations for the research. The move-in is planned for June,” says Mic Möller, Project Manager for Swedish Modules.

“The major advantage with this type of construction is that the total on-site building time is extremely short in relation to how long it would take to build comparable projects on site,” says Rickard Malm, Head of New Production at HSB Göteborg as well as Production Manager at HSB Living Lab.

Modules with a high level of technology

The 44 modules will be assembled into a house with 29 apartments, including meeting spaces and entrances, on four floors. Everything is assembled at Swedish Modules’ factory: walls, kitchens, bathrooms and windows. Even the 2,000 sensors that the researchers will be using to measure the behaviour and habits of the residents are already installed.

About HSB Living LAB

HSB Living Lab is a globally unique collaborative project that aims to find answers to how we can live sustainably in everyday life. A major focus will also include digitalisation and social sustainability. The house will be ready for its inauguration in June. Read more: www.hsblivinglab.com, www.hsb.se/press