Kenneth Helgesson

News | 17 Sep 2018

Swedish Modules strengthens through addition of experienced project manager

The Swedish Modules team is delighted to announce the appointment of Kenneth Helgesson, our new project manager, who brings several years’ experience overseeing technically complex projects. With specialist expertise in project management spanning datacenters, construction projects, excavation works and installation of supply systems in business-critical facilities, Kenneth will play a key role in delivering reliability to our customers.

Moving from a project management role at Coromatic AB, Kenneth boasts several years’ experience in project management, construction and management from companies in the security sector such as Kidde, NCC and Premo Security.

Why did you choose to join Swedish Modules?

“I’ve been tracking Swedish Modules for some time, and also had the fortune of working alongside the company on a project involving prefabricated modules in my last workplace.  Observing how Swedish Modules works with the customer to realise thoughts and ideas on a project, and visualises them in the form of 3D drawings before prefabricating the module in the factory, really aroused my interest in the company’s approach. When I noticed it was looking for an experienced, business-driven project manager, I wanted to be part of the exciting journey on which the company is embarking. I also wanted to be involved in developing and improving the delivery of projects and utilise my experience in contracting. I’m really looking forward to working with my new colleagues at the company, and I know I’m really going to enjoy joining up with everyone at Team Swedish Modules,” Kenneth said.

Kenneth will begin work on 25 November 2018.