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News | 30 Jun 2015

HSB and Chalmers choose Swedish Modules

After a long selection process regarding construction of the unique research arena HSB Living Lab, Swedish Modules from Emtunga in Vara was chosen due to the company’s unique expertise and experience in designing and building technology-intensive, mobile housing modules. Swedish Modules will thus be one of the main suppliers to contribute to the construction of the mobile research platform that will form the basis of the innovative housing research project that HSB and Chalmers will conduct over the next decade.

Swedish Modules has participated in the design work for an extended period of time, interacting with Chalmers and other partners during the design period. The project involves a shared turnkey contract, under which Swedish Modules will be responsible for construction above the ground.

We were chosen because of our extensive experience in technology-intensive modular construction, as well as our innovative ability to think creatively, develop and adapt to customer requests.

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